(NEW) Halloumi Burger (V)

(NEW) Halloumi Burger (V) $20.90 Grilled halloumi / grilled pineapple / tomato / coleslaw / house special sauce / toasted brioche bun, served with beer battered chips.

Beef Sandwich

Beef Sandwich $21.90 Pulled beef brisket / pickled cabbage / coleslaw / swiss cheese / onion / pickled gherkin / BBQ and mayo sauce, served with beer battered chips.

Bowl of Chips

Bowl of Chips $10.90 Beer battered chips with a choice of sauce (tomato / BBQ / house spicy mayo / house vegan mayo or house made “Kapow” hot sauce)

Hoki FIsh Baos

Hoki FIsh Baos $19.90 Deep fried hoki fish fillets / iceberg lettuce / fresh sliced carrot / spring onions / sesame seeds / lemon wedge / house made tartar sauce, served with beer battered chips

(NEW) Veggie Tempura Baos

(NEW) Veggie Tempura Baos $17.90 Battered zucchini / sweet potato and pumpkin / sliced cucumber / pickled carrot / iceberg lettuce / teriyaki sauce / crushed wonton crackers / fried shallots, served with beer battered chips.

Fried Chicken Baos

Fried Chicken Baos $20.90 House recipe chicken thigh / cucumber / spring onion / iceberg lettuce / fried shallots / sesame seeds, served with beer battered chips.[sauces of choice – house-made spicy sauce / teriyaki sauce]

Pork Belly Baos

Pork Belly Baos $20.90 Slow-cooked pork belly / iceberg lettuce / pickled carrots / fried shallots / rice bubbles / coriander / sliced chilli, served with beer battered chips.

Mac n Cheese Baos

Mac n Cheese Baos $19.90 Mac and cheese croquette / tomato relish / iceberg lettuce / house spicy sauce / sliced crispy bacon / sliced cucumber / fried shallots and parmesan cheese served with beer battered chips.(Vegetarian option – no sliced crispy bacon)


BAO BUNS Also known as steamed buns or baozi – bao is a complete meal conveniently packed away in a white, warm, soft bun.